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How you Download and install or reinstall Office 365 or Office 2016 on a PC or Mac

Every now and then different forms of activities are being carried out in the field of computers. The engineers and other professionals make sure that complete series of elements and other features are precisely embedded. This correct and apt form of solution is the perfect way of making sure that user is able to conduct work in a smarter and intelligent manner. Talking on the same lines, professionals have made it mandatory that user should have seamless form of access in deriving benefits of this upgraded form of Microsoft Office.
If the user dials Microsoft Support Number UK then desired form of work will be carried out without any further hiccup. The concerned person answering the call of the user will make sure all doubts are sorted out. none of the explanation does involve any form of complicated or jargons while explaining the solution to users. On most occasions, users do commit the primary mistake of not installing or reinstalling of Office 365 or 2016 on different gadgets. This is why the maximum amount of care is taken for making sure each step is executed in a methodical manner.
Now let’s gain some quality information about different versions of Office like – 365 & 2016, plus understand its overall benefits too.
1.       Real-time co-authoring.
2.       OneNote notebook sharing.
3.       Simplified Document Sharing.
4.       Smart Attachments.
5.       Clutter for Outlook.
6.       Better Version History.
7.       The powerful form of Business Intelligence(BI).
There are two devices that one is talking about Personal Computer and Mac. Now one will make sure that simple form of step by step procedure is explained to users –
The series of steps mentioned below is the perfect way of making sure that installing of Office on a Personal Computer is not an arduous task –
Most of the time Office does include an electronic key which is delivered to the user electronically, which needs to be possessed first.
This is a procedure of downloading of Office on a Personal Computer:-
Step – 1 Sign into My Office Account. It is here that correct or precise steps will be narrated to users.
1.       In case, the first step is not being executed than just Go to and simultaneously follow the remainder form of signs which are to be signed in. Through such step, a new form of Microsoft Account will be set up.
2.       At this stage, the specified user should just make sure of following all the prompts in a correct manner. It is so because like this redeeming of the product can be done in most scientific manner.
Step – 2 Installing of Office
1.       Depending on the type of browser user should follow steps like – Click Run (Internet Explorer), Setup (Chrome), Save File (Firefox).
2.       the installing of Office is over in a correct manner, once the message reading “Office is installed Now” is displayed
Step – 3 Activation of office
1.       At this stage, user is supposed to initiate the procedure of using Office Application on any other App like – Word or Excel.
2.       Well based the category of product, user will see the Microsoft Activation Wizard on the computer screen.
The following steps are followed when Office is downloaded on Mac: -
Step – 1 The user need to first Sign in and Install Office
1.       The user first of all make sure that user is precisely signed in with the Microsoft Account. If the user is signed with different Microsoft Account, then he or she should sign out and sign in again with another account.
2.       In the next step, where My Account is displayed, then user is supposed to Select Install under the major category of subscription.
3.       The next stage calls for user to precisely Select Install to initiate downloading the installation package. it is all done under the major category of Install Information.
4.       The last stage, calls for user to Open the Finder and go to Downloads category and then simultaneously Double click the Microsoft office.
5.       In the Installation Screen, user is needed to Select Continue to initiate Installation Process.
6.       The user should judiciously review the Software License Agreement and simply Click Continue.
7.       The user should make sure of checking Disk Space Requirement and simultaneously alter location. then just Click Install.
8.       Now user is supposed to enter Mac Login Password and based on this Click Install Software.
9.       The software begins to install and once, the whole process is finished, then just Click Close.

The above- mentioned procedure is the right way of making sure that new or advanced version of office is installed on Personal Computer or Mac. Well, for further clarification just make sure that Microsoft Help Number UK is dialed. This way necessary form of solution will be provided without any dubious form of suggestion. All this has been the reason why people bank on above-mentioned number and execute work in a systematic manner. 


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